A Phone Sex Roleplay

phone sex roleplayI have to tell you about the phone sex roleplay I did last night!

My boyfriend is a dick and we had a huge fight last night. I know it’s hard to believe, but I was so damn horny and he was just too tired. What??!? I think this was the first time a guy ever turned me down for sex! I was beside myself and he was pissed so he dropped me off right near the state park. Right in the middle of nowhere. Fucker. I found a covered spot off the road to sit and I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I know I was staring up at a very handsome man in uniform.

It was still dark and I started to panic. “Calm down, honey” he said, I’m the security here and just want to know what you’re doing here.I started to cry and told him my bf left me here alone. He was so nice offering me a ride to the nearest motel. I did tell you we were out in the middle of nowhere? I started to cry again because I had no money and begged him to just let me stay where I as until morning. He couldn’t do that but offered to let me stay at the park office a few miles away. But was I willing to pay the price?

You know I was still horny even after all this bs, and I looked at him and smiled and told him I didn’t expect anything for free – wink – As soon as we got into his truck, he pulled my long hair into his hand and forced my mouth right on his cock. “Suck my cock, slut” he kept saying over and over. When he pulled my short dress up he saw I wasn’t even wearing panties. My juices were already dripping down my thighs as he told me I was going to have to clean that up too!

This is only the beginning of our night’s adventure and I would love to share all the rest of the sexy fucking details on our phone sex roleplay call.

~ kisses all over



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A Fetish Girl

Hi guys! I’m Anastasia and brand new here to phone sex! I used to have phone sex with a couple guys I knew, but never before for a job. How could I call this a job?! I get to talk to sexy, pervy, and horny guys all day and play with myself too.

Stay tuned for my fetish girl phone sex adventures and some of my real life fun too.

kisses all over

~ Anastasia ~


fetish phone sex

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