Accomplice Phone Sex

When you call me for Accomplice Phone Sex – I am ready for anything and everything. Anything that your twisted heart desires will come true when we make our wicked plans and then go on the hunt together.

accomplice phone sex

I know you have dirty desires that are very taboo. I can help you with those, because even as a younger woman, I have these taboo desires too. Do you want to go looking for some even younger girls to play with? Or maybe take it a little further than just play? Maybe these girls might not be so willing, but when a girl like me talks to them, they might feel reassured that everything will be okay. Even when it is not.

I’m very freaky. I was even on the streets as a runaway for a while, so I know what it’s like for a lot of girls out there living on the edge. And I know all the ripe places to look for hot little local bitches… the mall parking lots, the parks, the clubs, the hangouts. And I know the right girls to look for. The ones who are innocent and vulnerable are my favorite. Even if they put up a bitchy exterior, I can see right through them. It’s a girl thing. This is why you need me with you. To spot the right ones. No one will know what we’re up to. No one. If what I wrote is making your dick get hard, then you know what to do. Because no one does Accomplice Phone Sex better than me!

I am a no limits girl too. What does that mean? It means anything goes with our sweet and young victims. We will use them sexually. Do you fantasize about her tight holes wrapped around your cock? Can we take it even further? Use saline injections to give her huge tits? Invite our friends over to fuck her then torture her. I bet it makes your balls tight when she cries for her Mommy. Yup, I am a sick n twisted girl. That’s why you’re still reading this!

Accomplice phone sex with Anastasia 1-888-741-2229

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Ass Fetish Phone Sex

ass fetish phone sexYou know you want to kiss my ass. Literally. Call me for ass fetish phone sex and we will talk in about, in detail, about my perfect ass and how you will kiss it. And admire it. And worship it. And of course, we’re going to talk about your ass fetish and how you like to get your cock off talking about it. I love love guys with an ass fetish, my ass demands a lot of attention. Not much is better than your soft, warm tongue slipping deep in my tight lil butthole.

I’ll turn you into my personal seat cushion, and spend hours just sitting my cute round bum right on your face. Reach up and spread my cheeks and run your tongue up the crack of my nice round bottom. Do you see my tight lil rosebud just winking at you? It needs to be tongue fucked. Get to it. Put kisses on my pretty butt cheeks. Make love to my tushy with your mouth and your tongue. If you do a good job, you might be surprised that I can cum just like that. Fuck yeah you know it, as much I love a pussy licking, I’m an ass girl for sure. Maybe if you’re into it, we can do some ass smothering too.

So maybe you’re a different kind of ass fetish guy. Sure you like to kiss and lick it, but what really gets your dick going is the thought of fucking my super tight starhole. Guess what? I love to be fucked in my ass! As long as you get me all ready with your fingers and your mouth, I’ll take every inch of your throbbing cock right my tight asshole. I think I love anal sex as much as pussy fucking sex. Yup, I can get off with you deep up my butthole. especially when you’re shooting that hot fucking load up my bum.

ass fetish phone sexIf you’re a guy whose ass fetish refers to your ass, I like that too. You know I’ll get down there and lick your butthole and finger it and tease it too. Giving pleasure is turns me on just as much as getting it. And just one more thing, I will also play your very dirty ass fetish fantasies too. If you’re into scat play, messy shit play, let’s do it.

Have an ass fetish? Need some ass fetish phone sex? Call me, Anastasia 1-888-741-2229

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Fetish Phone Sex – Golden Showers for Submissive Men

Oh, how I love a hot golden shower phone fetish phone sex call. I love giving them of course. Do you love having a woman squat over your face and just let that warm, golden liquid splash all over your face and chest? It will be all over your face, in your hair and of course, you’re going to open your mouth so that some of it slides down your throat. Mmm.

fetish phone sex

Fetish Phone Sex – Be my toilet slave

Or maybe you like to go a little more hardcore with your toilet play fantasies. I certainly do sometimes. You’re very submissive and would do anything to please me, even it it means being my human toilet boy. From now on, when I get the urge to go, it is going to be you underneath me, drinking and swallowing everything that comes out. I have a special queening chair just for my ass and a box for your head that goes right under.

Admit it, you long to feel my warm golden champagne pee trickle into your mouth. You love the way it feels, the way it smells and the way it tastes. But before I reward you with that, I have something else for you to do. It’s time to feel that tongue of yours right up my dirty little asshole. I want to feel your tongue licking up and down my ass crack and plunging deep in my poop chute. You’re going to love the feel, the smell, and the taste. And once you do that like a good boy, I will reward you with that warm golden stream you’re craving.

After that, you’re going to crawl into the bathroom and clean it for me… with your tongue. You’ll clean the floor, the bathtub and finally the toilet. The seat, the rim, and everything else. I’m going to show you what it means to be a real toilet slave.

So once you’re ready to submit to me, call me and ask for golden shower fetish phone sex.

Anastasia ~ 1-888-741-2229

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GFE Phone Sex – Your Girlfriend Experience

I want to be your phone sex girlfriend! Call me for GFE phone sex and let’s get to know all about each other. Tell me about your day and let me stroke you and tell you how everything will okay. If you want real advice, I can give that too. I want us to learn about each other, what makes us tick, what makes your cock hard and my pussy wet. Tell me your life dreams and fears. I’m your girlfriend, your confidante, your best friend, and your lover.

gfe phone sex

I’m the girlfriend you have always wanted, the type of girl who won’t ever say no to your sexual advances. In fact, I’m sure I love, need, and want sex even more than you do. I need to cum several times a day and I get so excited and horny when I talk to you on the phone and make your sexual fantasies come true. I love to roleplay all those kinky phone sex fantasies, schoolgirl, sexy secretary, naughty nurse, the babysitter, next door neighbor, to name just a few. I really get into it too, you won’t ever hear me fake an orgasm on the phone with you because I want to cum just as much as you do!

I’ll turn you on with my sexy voice, my aural and oral skills, and my wild imagination. I’m here to please you and be the phone sex girlfriend you have always dreamed of. Call me and I promise you as many orgasms as you can handle while I’m cumming right along with you. Oh, and I am also multi orgasmic, so if you get off listening to a girl cum, then hurry and call me now. I so hate to cum alone!

For the ultimate GFE phone sex experience, call Anastasia 1-888-741-2229. If I’m not available, just ask the friendly dispatcher to play with one of my phone sex girlfriends.

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Panty Fetish Phone Sex

I love panties! You love panties! What other reason do you need to call me for panty fetish phone sex?! Close your eyes and imagine being with me and all of my panties laid out in the king size bed. Soft and silky panties. Lacey panties. Crotchless panties. Bikini panties, french cut panties, boy shorts, and more. I have drawers full of panties that I love to share with guys like you who share my love of them. Clean panties or dirty panties, I don’t care. They feel so damn sensual and look so fucking hot on my tight ass. I know you’re thinking about touching them aren’t you?

panty fetish phone sexpanty fetish phone sex – sissy panty boys

It doesn’t matter to me what kind of panty fetish phone sex call you like, I like them all! I have a thing for sissy panty boys with panty collections that rival mine. We can roleplay a shopping trip to the mall where we go to Victoria Secrets and the lingerie department of Nordstroms. I giggle when the sales girls know we are shopping for you too. I know that a little teasing and humiliation makes your dick even harder. I bet we can even convince her to take us into the dressing room so you can model the different panties for us. Just wait until I make you wear my dirty panties, smelling like my pretty pussy. Be a panty jerk off boy for me and cum in those panties. You know I’m going to make you take them off and lick them clean when you’re done.

panty fetish phone sex – panty tease, upskirt, and more

I love to tease you with my panties. I see you looking at me out of the corner of your eye and I can’t help but spread my legs a little more so you can catch a peek of my panties. It’s no accident I bent over right in front of you either. I used to date a guy who loved taking secret upskirt photos and ever since I’m always sneaking a look to see other girls panties too. I bet I see more panties than you!

Let me sit on your lap and grind my panty ass on your cock. It will feel even better if you’re wearing some too. Dry humping in our panties sounds like such a tease, but when you feel me cum in my panties, I know you won’t be far behind.

Panty fetish phone sex with Anastasia 1888 741 2229

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Daddy Daughter Phone Sex

I just love daddy daughter phone sex fantasies and this is one of my very favorites.

I couldn’t believe the first time I found out my daddy was such a dirty pervert. I was having a sleepover with some of my friends and woke up in the middle of the night. I heard some noises in Daddy’s room so I peeked in the door. I couldn’t believe my best friend was on her knees sucking my daddy’s cock! omg my little panties got so wet, I knew I wanted to be her.

daddy daughter phone sex

After my friends left the next day I knew what I had to do. I put on my tiniest little skirt and my too small bikini top and set out to seduce my daddy. He was watching some TV so I walked right in front of him, shaking my tight little ass. I sat right now next to him and smiled. I told Daddy what fun I had last night and asked if he did too? I think he was a little nervous when I pressed my tight body up against him. “Daddy?” I said, “I saw you last night with my friend”. I moved over to sit right on his lap and put my arms around his neck. “I want to do that with you too, Daddy” He didn’t say anything but I could feel his Daddy dick getting hard under my butt.

It didn’t take much effort after that. I reached behind and undid my bikini top and when my titties popped free, Daddy couldn’t help but start licking them. I never felt anything so good in my life! I just knew I wanted to see his cock up close and I slid right off Daddy’s lap on my knees in front of him. His cock was so big!! “Teach me, Daddy, teach me to be a good little cock sucker for you, please?” With his hand gently stroking my face and my hair, I had my very first taste of cock. Daddy’s cock.

For daddy daughter phone sex call Anastasia 1-888-741-2229

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Dirty Fetish Girl Phone Sex

Yes, that’s me, a dirty girl, a fetish whore, a phone sex slut. I am the girl you call for dirty fetish girl phone sexl! I have always been fascinated by sex even as a very young girl. I found my parent’s dirty books when I was 12. These were not your ordinary porn magazines either! Spankings, birchings, family fucking, public fucking, men/women/boys/girls. Wowow. I remember rushing home from school before anyone else so I could grab a book or magazine and rub my young bald slit. One of my first sexual fantasies was being stripped naked, displayed, spanked and made to cum. I have to admit, it still gets me wet, like now.

fetish girl phone sex
Fetish Girl Phone Sex – Foot Fetish and Ass Fetish

All of this just provoked my curiosity about sexual fetishes. When I was in high school my friend’s brother used to love to rub my feet and I know he had a big time foot fetish. I’d wiggle my toes on his dick and pretend I didn’t notice his hard-on. My first real boyfriend had a big time ass fetish and I learned to love having his tongue up my pink rosebud asshole. These are just a couple of the most common fetish calls out there.

Fetish Girl Phone Sex – Panty Fetish – Stocking Fetish

I love panties! I love guys who have a panty fetish and stocking fetish too. Do you wear them? Even if you don’t, it’s okay. I’ll model my sexy panties and stockings for you and tease your cock until you can’t take it anymore. I’ll let you sniff and lick and jack off with my dirty panties. I might even take one of my stockings and tie it around your cock and balls for more fun. It would be so hot if you had panties or stockings just to stroke with while we play.

When it comes to dirty fetish phone sex, I am your fetish girl. Call Anastasia, 1-888-741-2229

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Mutual Masturbation Phone Sex

I had a sex dream last night. I can’t remember all the details but I did wake up with my fingers buried deep in my pussy. I know I had an orgasm, maybe two. I was all sweaty and out of breath and feeling that horny tightness between my thighs. I guess even girls have wet dreams. I am still wet and horny. The panties I put on this morning are soaked already. I need to cum again. and again and again and again. I would love to cum with you. We can masturbate together on the phone, mutual masturbation phone sex if you will.

mutual masturbation phone sex

I have my favorite dildo and vibrator. Let me squirt for you. Moan for me and stroke your cock for me. I’ll fuck my sweet tight holes for you while you jerk your cock. Maybe you have a toy to play with? Cum with me. Cum all over me. Talk dirty to me and listen to me beg for your cock and cum. Or if you like, I’ll be a filthy talking pervy girl making you hump your dick on your bed for me. I don’t care, I’ll do anything if it makes us both cum. You tell me what to do and/or I’ll you what to do. Jerk off instructions for you and pussy rubbing instructions for me.

mutual masturbation phone sex ~ cum with me

What are you waiting for? Call Anastasia for mutual masturbation phone sex now or I might have to cum without you!


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Sissy Phone Sex

sissy phone sexI have so much fun with my Sissy Phone Sex calls. And my sissies do, too. I like to make my sissies play dress up. This means I have my sissies put on the cutest or sluttiest outfits, makeup, wigs, jewelry, perfume, etc. I will dress you and make you up, head to toe! Or I make my sissies go shopping online or in person for everything they need to become a more sassy or slutty sissy.

If you enjoy public humiliation as a sissy, I definitely enjoy giving you a few public humiliation assignments. You might have to go to the department store perfume counter and reveal to the sales girl that the perfume you plan to buy is for you! Then you will check out all the different scents using the tester bottles till you find the one scent that makes you feel like a special sissy. I also expect all of my sissies to orgasm like girls and I will teach you how to do this. You can’t have any more icky manly climaxes ever! And last but not least, you might also have to shop for girlie sex toys. Every girl has sex toys and so should you.

I give the best advice to sissies, since I’m a pretty girl myself, and I know all the fashion trends and I know a lot of makeup and hair tips. I can even teach you how to walk sexy in your new high heels. And if you’re a sissy who loves cock, I can tell you how to give the best, hottest sissy blow jobs. You know you can’t resist Sissy Phone Sex with me.

Call Anastasia at 1-888-741-2229

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Stocking Fetish Phone Sex

I love the way these silky stockings feel as I pull them over my feet, my calves and my thighs for our stocking fetish phone sex call. I think stockings with garters are so sexy; the way the garters frame my nice full ass from behind and of course my sweet pussy in front. The best part of wearing stockings and garter belts is how horny they make you! I love guys with a stocking fetish, because not much feels better than your hands stroking my shiny nylon covered legs. I hope you like to feel my sexy feet encased in stockings stroking over your cock too. It’s hot to feel you fuck my stockinged feet and even hotter to feel your sweet cum oozing between my toes. If you’ll lick my pretty feet clean after you cum all over them, you’ll make me cum too!stocking fetish phone sex

Stocking Fetish Phone Sex – Will you wear them too?

When you call me me for stocking phone sex, I will slip on a pair of thigh stockings so you can listen to me rub my thighs together while you stroke your cock cock. I will tell you how much fun we would have if your cock was trapped between my silky thighs and that you wouldn’t last longer than a few minutes jerking off with my silky soft  stockings. I suggest that you buy some stockings so you will know how good they feel on your cock. One of the stockings on your cock, the other on your hand, my sexy sweet voice in your ear,  and cum all over! Sounds like a great time to me.

If you have a stocking fetish I’m the fetish phone sex girl for you! Call and ask for Anastasia at 1-888-741-2229. I’d love to share all the kinky things we can do with them!

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